1.     My video stutters during playback. LINK
  2.     I can't view my video in my external monitor or camcorder, and I can't output to tape. LINK
  3.     The thumbnails for my clips appear say "Media Offline." LINK
  4.     Can I capture video in iMovie and use it in Final Cut? LINK
  5.     I wish Final Cut would break up my clips as I capture them like iMovie. Is there any way to do this in Final Cut? LINK
  6.     How can I import footage that's on a DVD into Final Cut? LINK
  7.     How can I stop the Timeline from shifting when I change the speed of a clip? LINK
  8.   When I export my anamorphic clips they become squished non-anamorphic 4:3 exported clips. Why is this happening and what can I do about it? LINK
  9.     Why doesn’t my exported 16:9 material work properly in iDVD? LINK 
  10.     I can’t capture in Final Cut, what should I do? LINK
  11.     What is a reference movie, and how is it different from a self-contained movie? LINK


  1.     I hear a beeping sound when I play back in the Timeline. LINK
  2.     I don't hear any audio. I see the meters moving, but I don't hear anything. LINK
  3.     I can't hear any audio in the Capture window while I'm logging or during the capture process. LINK
  4.   Why can't I use music purchased from the iTunes Music Store inside Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro? LINK
  5.   My audio is recorded too low, and I need to raise it more than the 12dB available in the Timeline and Viewer. LINK
  6.   My audio is missing or drops out in the exported file. LINK


  1.   I can't get my transitions to work. LINK
  2.   I have some clips in the Timeline, or a whole group of stills, and I want to add transitions between them all, without having to add them individually to each cut. LINK
  3.   I have a lot of stills or titles in the Timeline, and I want to change the durations of all of them. Do I have to do each one separately? LINK
  4.   How do I make a highlight that passes across text or across the screen? LINK
  5.   I want to blur or highlight something on the screen. How do I do that in Final Cut Pro or Express? LINK
  6.   How do I make a clip play in reverse, so it plays backwards on my TV? LINK
  7.   How do I make a clip be mirrored, flipped so what’s on the left is on the right, and vice versa? LINK


  1.     How do I trash my preferences? LINK
  2.     What's the best way to export to iDVD? LINK
  3.     Why don't my markers show up when I export to iDVD? LINK 
  4.     How do I export still images from Final Cut for the web or for printing? LINK
  5.     How do I backup my project so that I can re-edit in the future if I need to? LINK
  6.     How can I move my Favorites from one computer to another? LINK
  7.     I opened my project today and the Canvas and Timeline have disappeared. LINK
  8.     I don’t want to export or output the whole sequence just a section of it. LINK
  9.     I’ve created an animation that contains transparency. I’d like to preserve the transparency when I export the video. How can I do this? LINK
  10.   Why don’t my Photoshop files import with layers, or it won’t import, or the layers have black borders, or the effects don’t import? LINK
  11.   How do I set Preview or Adobe Reader to open my help files? LINK

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